Here’s a compilation of questions our customers asked before playing.

There isn’t a minimum age to participate in our scenarios. Even children who are under 14 can attend the mission accompanied by an adult. Children under 8 years aren’t charged.

Of course you can leave our rooms whenever you want! Precautions have been taken.

We are happy to welcome large groups. Currently, up to 60 people can play at the same time (extensions are planned). Our offer is very popular for team events, Christmas parties, stag parties, school classes and company outings.

We will be happy to put together a suitable offer for you. Simply contact us by telephone (0231-20659222) or by e-mail (info@enigmania.de).

You do not need to inform us if the size of your team changes within the minimum and maximum number of participants of the booked experience. Example: I book “Operation Casino” for 6 people. The minimum number of participants at “Operation Casino” is three, a maximum of eight can participate. Should the team size change, but remain between 3 and 8, simply come in the changed group strength. Only those who actually participate will be charged on site. If you have paid more in advance than it will cost afterwards, the difference will be refunded within two weeks of the game on the same route you paid in advance.

Exception: The above-mentioned goodwill agreement does not apply to the WNT tariff or for assembly up to Fridays in the six weeks before Christmas.

That’s a delicate question. When you book an experience with us, you reserve it for a certain day at a certain time. At this moment this “slot” will be blocked for all others and nobody else can book it. We commit ourselves to keep this date free for you and not to allocate it elsewhere (especially on Fridays, Sundays and school holidays). In return, you are obliged to keep this date.

This is a bit like a booked flight. A plane has a limited number of seats. If all these places are booked, nobody can fly with you anymore. Therefore a flight has to be paid in advance. If you can’t fly with us or can’t play with us, airlines and we can’t rent a booked seat elsewhere. Therefore, in case of not timely cancellation or non-appearance, cancellation costs in the amount of the original experience price arise. For private bookings up to 7 days before the date a cancellation or postponement is free of charge.

However, there are some positive differences to a flight booking. Contact us as soon as possible (Tel. 0231-20659222 or e-mail info@enigmania.de) if you are unable to make an appointment. We will do our best to find someone else who wants your slot. The chances are especially good for weekend bookings. Furthermore, we use all good will that is possible. For example, we usually convert a good portion of the cancellation fee into a voucher or reduce the cancellation fee if it would not have been so likely that someone else would have booked a slot anyway (for example on a Monday morning).

Cancellations or postponements of private bookings up to 7 days before the date are free of charge. Please understand, however, that cancellations or postponements 7 days before the date or non-appearance will result in cancellation costs in the form of a direct loss of turnover for us. We make every effort to reduce these cancellation costs to a minimum or even to zero.

Unfortunately our location is not barrier-free.
There are 6 steps from the entrance to the reception and also inside the rooms there are steps. In the games rooms there are secret passages and secret doors, which would be unsuitable for wheelchair users. Should you have any doubts whether an experience is suitable for all members of your team, please call us. In a conversation we will find out together which adventure suits you best.

Yes, if that is what you want, we are happy to offer this service. But please understand that such a photo is not part of our service and therefore there is no claim to it. Meanwhile we are very busy and when the bear is tap-dancing, such a photo goes down from time to time. Maybe you forget to take one or it gets lost on the way to you. If a souvenir photo is very important to you, we recommend to stay on site after the game until you have definitely received it by mail or another way. A second chance for such a photo might not come back so quickly.

No. In addition, smoking is prohibited throughout the location.

With our Online-Escape-Room you don’t have to leave your own four walls. All you need is your computer, an internet connection and maybe a piece of paper and a pen. You will solve a criminal case with puzzles, which will send you all over the internet. We recommend a computer (no matter if PC, MAC or other), and no mobile device, because you will often have several tabs open and pictures or similar will be displayed better.

In this game you are not limited to the website we provide, but you will also have to navigate through known (like Facebook and Instagram) and unknown websites.

You need a computer, an active e-mail address, a telephone and otherwise only yourself. If you want to play with other people in different places, you’ll need Skype, Discord, Zoom, Hangouts or simply a way to conference call to talk to each other and maybe even see each other.

Additionally, access to Facebook and Instagram is recommended for the game. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can check the game’s help files to see how to get around this.

In addition, we recommend that you have pen and paper ready to take notes.

This case is ideal for a solution with several people who communicate with each other via telephone, Skype, Discord or similar. The password we send you can be used by up to six people to log in to the main website, to which we also send you a link. So you don’t have to sit at the same computer, but can play together from all over the world.

No, you will receive an email with your password and the link to the main website. You don’t have to play immediately, but you can dial in at another time.

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