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enigmania – largest Escape Room provider in the Ruhr area

Offering you and your team an unforgettable adventure!

Together you collect hidden clues and objects. Through clever combinations and good teamwork, you solve tricky puzzles that bring you closer to your goal step by step.

Complete your mission within 60 minutes and escape from our Escape Rooms!


Nico K.
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In the meantime I have gone through all the rooms, each room is lovingly furnished in its own way and after the first few minutes you are in a different world. Maybe the outdoor escape game will come in the summer. Highly Recommended!
Kerim K.
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Very nice staff. Very creative rooms. We are not from Dortmund and we really wanted to test it there and it was really worth it. We will come back in any case.
Sabine B.
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Played the puppeteer. That was so great. Designed with love, exciting and totally entertaining. It was great fun. And in 52:19 minutes we escaped.
Natalia B.
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Played the puppeteer. That was so great. Designed with love, exciting and totally entertaining. It was great fun. And in 52:19 minutes we escaped.
Benjamin B.
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We did the "Operation Casino" room with four people. That was really good. Two of us spoke more English, the enigmania team interpreted all the information in German and English. That was great for everyone. Had a cool evening together and cracked the safe.

Who can play?

Friends & Family

Companies & Clubs as team building

Tourists & Guests

How to play enigmania's Escape Rooms?

1. Compose a group of up to 12 players.

2. Go to one of our mysterious rooms.

3. Look closely at your surroundings.

4. Find clues and combine them.

5. Now "only" find the right solution ...

6. ... and the mission will succeed!

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Why enigmania?

More information about enigmania's Live-Escape-Games

What's a Live Escape Game?

You enter a room. The door closes. You only have 60 minutes to complete a mission! How? By combining hidden hints and solving exciting tasks. Good teamwork will help you with this challenge! Are you ready for this kind of thrill? Then jump into a movie-like adventure with friends and family. At our Escape Games in Dortmund we offer various exciting scenarios and missions that you can tackle as a team.

What sets enigmania apart from other Escape Game providers?

An enthusiastic team, great atmosphere and exciting missions! In addition, with us up to 12 people can participate in an Escape Game, which is possible in Germany only with a handful of providers. As a rule, the upper limit is 6 participants. As a further unique feature we can currently play up to 60 people in parallel. In addition, we have built one of our Escape Rooms twice so that two teams can compete in parallel for the same mission.

This makes an Escape Game event with us also very suitable for clubs and companies as a team-building measure or for larger groups at a bachelor party.

Who's suitable to play enimania's Escape Rooms?

Our Escape Games are suitable for almost everyone. Weather friends, families, bachelor parties, companies, clubs, tourists, children, beginners or experienced Escape Room gamers. Every Escape Game fan gets his money’s worth in our premises in Dortmund.

How to book our Escape Rooms?

For the booking of our Escape Rooms we recommend the item “Prices & Booking” on our website or the telephone reservation. On our website you can see directly, which appointments are assigned and which are still free. A spontaneous visit with us in Dortmund is possible, however, only in rare exceptional cases a spontaneous Escape Game can be played. Spontaneous Escape Games are so difficult to realize because it is a peculiarity of Escape Rooms that you as a customer is consistently accompanied by a game master. Accordingly, such should be organized spontaneously, since only so many are on site, as well as games were booked in advance.

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