Escape Games

Offering you and your team an unforgettable adventure!

The Puppeteer

Escape the clutches of the evil puppeteer

Operation Casino

Rob a casino in the style of Ocean’s Eleven

The Time Machine

Caught between the times

Prison Break

Break out of the prison

Revolución Olé

Crash the dictator of the banana republic!

Revolución Olé
(Battle Modus)

Crash the dictator of the banana republic!

The secret of the dead monks

Find the murderer of the monks

Columbus last trip

Decrypt the freight boxes


Nico K.
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In the meantime I've been through all the rooms, each room is lovingly decorated in its own way and after the first few minutes you're in another world. Maybe I'll play the Outdoor Escapes game in the summer. Absolutely recommendable!
Kerim K.
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Very nice staff. Very creative rooms. We are not from Dortmund and we really wanted to try it there and it was really worth it. We will definitely come again.
Sabine B.
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We played the puppeteer. That was soooo great. Designed with a lot of love, exciting and totally entertaining. It was a lot of fun. And we escaped in 52:19 minutes.
Natalia B.
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Thank you, thank you, thank you! We had a really great time with you! The team is so friendly and accommodating. We played the puppet master and were thrilled! You can see how much effort has gone into the design of the rooms and the puzzles all the time. A big praise and a huge thank you to the whole team!
Benjamin B.
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We did the room "Operation Casino" with four people. That was really good. Two of us were rather English-speaking, the enigmania team laid out all the clues in German and English. That was great for everyone. We had a cool evening together and cracked the safe.

How to play enigmania's Escape Rooms?

1. Compose a group of up to 12 players.

2. Go to one of our mysterious rooms.

3. Look closely at your surroundings.

4. Find clues and combine them.

5. Now "only" find the right solution ...

6. ... and the mission will succeed!

Any questions?