Online Escape Room: Lockdown

Game: Lockdown

Seven young people escape the quarantine of their own four walls and go to a holiday home to spend a party weekend together. But this weekend takes a turn for the worse. Only six of these seven students will return home. What happened? Was it an accident? A tragic misfortune? Cold-blooded murder?

Help us solve this case about the mysterious murder of Nikki Maison.

Our online escape room for family and friends. Enjoy this thrilling mission at home or from different locations all around the world.

Please note:

  • Lockdown is a crime escape game in which you solve a criminal case with puzzles in the role of investigators. A laptop or desktop PC is required.

  • Lockdown can also be played on a smartphone or tablet. However, we do not recommend it due to the many tabs that are opened in parallel.

  • This Online Escape Room is for private use only. 

  • Please check if your operating systems and browsers are up to date before starting the game; otherwise parts of the game may not work

What our Online Escape Room players say


Team members

1-6 people

Playing time up to

90 to 120 minutes

Minimum age*

16 years and up

Helpful skills

✓ detective instincts
✓ a knack for the digital world

Special features

✓ online escape room for your home

Price per game

20€ in total (*17.6 pounds)

*the specified minimum age is a suggestion which we think allows you to participate largely independently in this game and which is appropriate for the game’s content

How does an online escape room work?

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1. Form a group of up to 6 players. Meet via Skype, Zoom or similar apps.

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2. Start your mission over your PC by using the access information from our e-mail.

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3. That’s what you'll need: PC/laptop, internet connection and pen&paper.

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4. Find clues and combine them.

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5. Now you “just“ have to find the solution….

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6. …and together you’ll solve the case.

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