Escape Room

Prison Break

That’s how a jail breakout works!

The German Democratic Republic in the 1960s. Many people were arrested, some wrongfully. The desire for freedom was great and one managed to flee his cell and prepare for the escape for others. Are you also innocent? Then find the clues hidden in front of guards, solve the puzzles and flee before you get caught and certainly will not get a second chance anymore. Is there an escapee in you too?

Team members*

3-7 players

Playing time up to

60 minutes

Minimum age**

12 years

Helpful skills

Breaker qualities
Agility and communication skills

Special features

Impressive scenery
Escape Room literally and sometimes narrower, lower, darker

Prices per person***

3 persons = 115 €
each additional person 23 €

* Mondays to Fridays from 14.11. to 23.12. or on holidays the minimum number of persons is 4.

** From 12 years old with adult companion and from 16 years old without adult companion. Younger children are also welcome to participate, each accompanied by an adult;
the indicated minimum age is a recommendation, from which one can participate in our opinion to a large extent independently.

*** Prices may vary for large groups and/or Mondays to Fridays from 14.11. to 23.12. or on holidays and apply only to private bookings.

We are open Mondays to Fridays from 09:00 to 14:00.
Please book by phone or e-mail for these times:

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