Operation Mindfall

Important! To play the game you need a mobile phone with access to the internet. The Event will last 180 minutes (if you wish, you can cut the game to 120 minutes) and an additional 20 minutes for preparation and post-processing. Please do not forget to dress weatherproof.

Operation Mindfall

A former secret research project of the US military threatens humanity. It was launched in the 1950s under the name “MK Ultra” to control the human mind and create a powerful superweapon. Officially, it had to be stopped in the 1970s due to public pressure. Unofficially, however, the cover company “Spider Technologies” continued the project and the research. This company succeeded in producing a dangerous virus that infiltrates the human brain and enables control over the human mind. The virus has already been injected into the global groundwater system. 20% of the world’s population is already infected. An audio signal can be used to activate the currently dormant virus.

To stop “Spider Tech”, “Operation Mindfall” has been launched. But time is short because the virus is to be activated soon. The city of Dortmund is to be the next target of the activation. You have been recruited into the team as agents and have the task of averting the catastrophe and saving your city and, in the end, even the whole world.

enigmania sends you on an exciting city rally with “Operation Mindfall”. Experience your personal agent thriller and save the world in this outdoor escape game in Dortmund. This outdoor activity is played with iPads and other technical highlights and takes you through the city centre of Dortmund.

IMPORTANT: Outdoor-Escape-Games can also be booked at times other than those specified in the online booking. In principle, the start time can be set from 09:00 to 20:00 seven days a week. AND it is possible for larger groups of up to 100 people to join in at the same time. In such a case, groups of up to 7 players are formed, who then play the same adventure, but on slightly different routes.

Will you take up the challenge and complete this extremely important mission?

Team members*

3 to 7 players
Playable with up to 150 teams in battle mode

Playing time up to

135 minutes

Minimum age**

14 years

Helpful skills

Sense of orientation

Special features

Playtime reducible
Outdoor Game with iPad-controlled

Prices per person***

3 persons = 125 €
each additional person 23 €

* Mondays to Fridays from 14.11. to 23.12. or on holidays the minimum number of persons is 4.

** From 12 years old with adult companion and from 16 years old without adult companion. Younger children are welcome to participate if accompanied by an adult;
the indicated minimum age is a recommendation, from which one can participate in our opinion to a large extent independently.

*** Prices may vary for large groups and/or Mondays to Fridays from 14.11. to 23.12. or on holidays and apply only to private bookings.

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