Escape Room

Revolución Olé

In normal mode and now Battle-Mode available!
Two teams at the same time.

Battle Mode

You always wanted to put your skills into good practise and play against the time but also a different team? In Battle mode, you can compete against each other at the same time and prove who is the real revolutionary . Two identical rooms are waiting for up to 16 players.

May the better coup win!

Overthrow the dictator of the banana republic!

Viva la Revolución! You stormed the presidential palace of the banana republic “La Isla”. El Presidente has fled and will come back with reinforcements in an hour. The people are in turmoil and demanding reforms: are you able to get the right people on your side? Otherwise you are more likely to be out of office than you can say “Ay Caramba”!

Now it’s up to you to take power!

As in any decent state, the president is just a puppet of the really important influence groups: business, military, church, media and trade union. The old elites still think of El Presidente. But with the right reforms, all conviction is quickly forgotten. Find out which law will make your Archbishop Papa Pepe happy and how your TV star Sara Rubio draws your attention. What economic boss Diego Ortega wants and also like the military chief and the labor leader.

Take power in the state for one hour. The revolutionary gameplay lets you vote on reforms and improve popularity. Will you be able to bring all the influence groups to your side before El Presidente returns with reinforcements? The clock is ticking …

Team members

3-8 players

Playing time up to

60 minutes

Minimum age*

14 years

Helpful skills

Strategic thinking
Logic and combination

Special features

Action game
Unique gameplay playable in real battle mode

Prices per person**

3 persons = 34 € | 4 persons = 31 € | 5 persons = 28 €
6 persons = 26 € | 7 persons = 25 € | 8 persons = 24 €

*From 14 years with adult companion and from 16 years without adult companion.
**Prices are for large groups and / or Mondays to Fridays from 11.11. until 23.12. or on public holidays or be independent of the number of participants room flat rate.

We are open Mondays to Fridays from 09:00 to 14:00.
Please book by phone or e-mail for these times:

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