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The Time Machine

Escape Room Dortmund Zeitmaschine

The Time Machine: Trapped between time & space

The rich and terminally ill financial mogul Dr. Claudius Möbius has heard about the development of a time machine and is pulling out all the stops to get his hands on the prototype. Having brought this prototype into his possession, he is now looking for a competent team for a journey into the past to cure him of his nervous disease while he is still a child. Of course, this journey is not without danger, as even the smallest change can have enormous repercussions for the future.

Travel back in time as part of a team of experts brought to life by Dr Möbius and with the help of the time machine and procure a cure for the dying doctor.

Have the courage to embark on a journey through time and space and confront fate.

But never forget the “Butterfly Effect”. You don’t want to throw the world into chaos. Do you?

Team members*

4-12 players

Playing time up to

60 minutes

Minimum age**

14 years

Helpful skills

Combination skills
Coordination of smaller teams

Special features

Extensive game
Up to 12 people in a team possible

Prices per person***

4 persons = 138 €
each additional person 23 €

* Mondays to Fridays from 14.11. to 23.12. or on holidays the minimum number of persons is 4.

** From 12 years old with adult companion and from 16 years old without adult companion. Younger children are also welcome to participate, each accompanied by an adult;
the indicated minimum age is a recommendation, from which one can participate in our opinion to a large extent independently.

*** Prices may vary for large groups and/or Mondays to Fridays from 14.11. to 23.12. or on holidays and apply only to private bookings.

Light effects are used in this room. In their own interest, we ask persons with epilepsy, a tendency to fainting spells, or mentally or physically impaired persons to use this room only in the company of a suitable supervisor. If necessary, please contact us in advance by telephone.

Escape Room Dortmund Zeitmaschine
Escape Room Dortmund Zeitmaschine
Escape Room Dortmund Zeitmaschine
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