Events for school classes in Dortmund

When the school trip becomes an unforgettable experience

We offer your class an excursion with adventure, fun and team spirit!

You’ve already had enough hiking days in the museum and finally want to experience something exciting? Then enigmania is the right place for you! Immerse yourself in exciting worlds with our Indoor- and Outdoor-Escape-Games. Here you can experience the thrill of computer games or films in reality. The special thing about us: With us, everything is real and can be experienced up close. The impressive backdrops alone make a visit an unforgettable experience.

Are you ready for an excursion of a special kind? Then plunge into a cinematic adventure together.

Our Indoor-Escape-Rooms

With our Escape Rooms your school trip will become an incomparable event. Seven different scenarios offer the right experience for everyone. For example, you can rob a casino, start a revolution, travel in time or break out of a prison in the middle of Dortmund’s city center.

Other special features: 

  • Play with up to 60 people at the same time in our Escape Rooms
  • Largest room holds 12 people at the same time
  • Battle mode to compete in two teams against each other
  • Central location for subsequent activities in the city center

Our Outdoor-Escape-Games

Our Outdoor Games combine the best of Live Exit Games, Escape Room Games and modern technology. Investigate as secret agents in a mysterious case while you playfully explore the highlights of the city of Dortmund with GPS and augmented reality. As a team, you have to solve various puzzles and master tricky tasks to successfully complete your mission.

More features of an outdoor school trip:

  • Playable with more than 1000 people
  • iPad controlled outdoor game
  • Battle mode with up to 150 teams possible
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Schulausflug im Freien in Dortmund


  • Possible start times: 9.00 a.m., 10.30 a.m., 12.00 p.m. or 1.30 p.m.
  • Other start times are possible by arrangement
  • Indoor playing time approx. 60 minutes, approx. 90 minutes’ duration of stay
  • Playing time outdoor approx. 135 minutes, approx. 160 minutes’ duration of stay
  • We offer a special discounted price for school classes.