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enigmania –
Next-generation Escape Games

Offering you and your team an unforgettable adventure!

Welcome to Enigmania Duisburg! Exciting adventure rooms await you here and allow you to immerse yourself in a different world for 60 minutes. The scenarios of our escape games were authentically designed down to the last detail by film experts. Banal searching for keys and locks is now a thing of the past. The puzzles and tasks are diverse and were precisely tailored to the respective theme. Whether beginner or professional, everyone gets their money’s worth in our escape rooms!

The door falls shut, now you’re on your own…

Procedure of an escape game

You have yourself locked up in a mysterious room together with your team. Your goal: escape within 60 minutes. Any hidden clue, any mysterious code, acoustic signal or strange symbol on the wall, anything could help you escape. It’s as if you’re playing in a movie where you’re helping determine the end of the story. Only if you work
together as a team
you will be able to
survive the fascinating and breathtaking 60 minutes.

Of course, newcomers to the live escape game are also welcome to get to know this innovative, challenging and absolutely fascinating leisure activity.

The games can be played in German or English. Our escape rooms have no special requirements other than a sharp mind and fun in puzzling, combining, tinkering and trying. The game is played in teams of 2 to 6 people or 4 to 8 people. Your personal Game Master introduces you to the game at the beginning and you’re ready to go:

60 minutes of searching, finding, trying, discarding, combining, merging, interacting, and a lot of adrenaline can begin!
In our stylish lounge area you can enjoy a cold drink before or after your experience. Together with your Game Master you can review your mission or plan your next adventure in our live adventure game.


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Groups & Events

How to play Enigmania´s escape rooms?

Enigmania Duisburg

1. Compose a group of up to 12 players.

Enigmania Duisburg

2. Have yourself and your team locked up inside one of our mysterious rooms.

Enigmania Duisburg

3. Look closely at your surroundings.

Enigmania Duisburg

4. Find clues and combine them.

Enigmania Duisburg

5. Now "only" find the right solution ...

Enigmania Duisburg

6. ... and the mission will succeed!

Any questions?


Decorators and set designers design our escape rooms with a lot of attention to detail. This way you’ll dive deep into the realistic scenarios

Fully integrated

As if by magic, a secret passage opens or a hint appears: all our escape rooms are fully automated and packed with stunning puzzles

Various levels
of difficulty

No matter if beginner or experienced escape gamer: with us, anyone will have their fun as we have escape rooms of various degrees of difficulty.

for safety

Our games are regularly being checked and maintained. That’s why all applications run smoothly

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