Online Escape Rooms

Online Escape Room:
Lost Christmas

Help us save Christmas this year!

Online Escape Room:
Diamonds Are Forever

You go as an investigator in search of clues.

Online Escape Room:

Help us to solve this case and solve the mysterious death!

Online Escape Room:
Mission Christmas

Santa Clause is coming to town…! But what if not?

Online Escape Room:
The Soul Gatherer

One of the cruelest serial killers of modern times, the Soul Gatherer, is back!

Germany was taken by escape rooms by storm. All over Germany, friends of exciting puzzles and mysterious adventures meet to prove their keen mind and detective skills.

The whole thing went so far that in spring 2020 the world decided to move the whole planet into an escape room and let humanity search for an escape. Unfortunately, the opportunity to visit a real offer suffered in quarantine. But don’t worry: At enigmania you can now prove yourself online with your friends!

How does an online escape room work?

1. Form a group of up to 6 players. Meet via Skype, Zoom or similar apps.

2. Start your mission over your PC by using the access information from our e-mail.

3. That’s what you'll need: PC/laptop, internet connection and pen&paper.

4. Find clues and combine them.

5. Now you “just“ have to find the solution….

6. …and together you’ll solve the case.