Escape Room

The Puppeteer

Escape Room Dortmund Puppenspieler

Escape the claws of the evil puppeteer

Once there was a puppeteer who roamed the countryside with moderate success. He could only just keep his head above water until he met a talking wooden puppet. He was able to persuade her to perform with him and thus achieved unexpected fame. One morning he woke up and the wooden puppet had disappeared along with all his earnings. The desperate puppeteer now tried to carve a talking puppet himself, but all efforts seemed in vain.

Then the once so friendly puppeteer came up with a cruel plan – instead of lifeless wood, from now on real people were to be the material for his puppet show.

So he settled in Dortmund, his last performance venue, to look for suitable victims.

And the first group of spectators to enter the puppeteer’s theatre was never seen again…

Team members*

3-6 players

Playing time up to

60 minutes

Minimum age**

14 years

Helpful skills

Courage and cleverness

Special features

Impressive steampunk setting
A little creepy and fairytale-like at the same time

Prices per person***

3 persons = 115 €
each additional person 23 €

* Mondays to Fridays from 14.11. to 23.12. or on holidays the minimum number of persons is 4. 

** From 10 years old with adult companion and from 16 years old without adult companion. Younger children are also welcome to participate, each accompanied by an adult;

the indicated minimum age is a recommendation, from which one can participate in our opinion to a large extent independently.

*** Prices may vary for large groups and/or Mondays to Fridays from 14.11. to 23.12. or on holidays and apply only to private bookings.

Escape Room Dortmund Puppenspieler
Escape Room Dortmund Puppenspieler
Escape Room Dortmund Puppenspieler
We are open Mondays to Fridays from 09:00 to 14:00.
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