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Escape Game die toten Mönche

The secret of the dead monks

Italy in the Middle Ages…

In an abbey four monks are found dead. All have black spots on the fingertips and on the tongue. But investigations are not carried out in this mysterious case. Instead, innocent women are burned as witches, and the next-best monks are cruelly tortured.

You do not want to accept that. The story seems to you most suspicious. You start to investigate in secret. The tracks lead to the library in the highest tower of the abbey. You are waiting for a favorable moment. When the old, strange librarian needs a one-hour session, you see the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

You enter the mysterious premises …

Who is the murderer and did he possibly hide in the library?

difficulty level

 Schwierigkeitsgrad Schwierigkeitsgrad Schwierigkeitsgrad 

Evidence Team spirit, intelligence and intuition while strengthen your teambuilding!

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