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Outdoor Escape Game "Das magische Portal"

City Adventure “Magic Portal”

The Queen of Light is calling the inhabitants of the human world to gather significant crystals and defend their empire. However, the portal guards will not make it easy for you. The Realm of Light needs your support to secure all the crystals and thus defeat the darkness. May the light protect you!

Enigmania sends you on an exciting city rally with “The Magical Portal”. Experience as a family, friends, work colleagues your personal fairytale adventure and defeat the darkness at this City Adventure in Dortmund. This outdoor activity (an outdoor escape game, so to speak) is played with iPads and other technical highlights and takes you through the city center of Dortmund.

IMPORTANT: City Adventures are welcome to book at times other than those indicated when booking online. In principle, the start time can be set seven days a week from 09:00 to 20:00. AND it is possible that larger groups of up to 36 people can join at the same time. In this case, 6 groups of 6 players are formed, who then play the same adventure, but on slightly different routes.

Are you facing the challenge and will you fulfill this very important mission?

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Would you like to play before 2pm? Send us a mail or give us a call:

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