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School classes

For heroes and adventurers

You already had enough class outings in the museum and want to experience something different? Dive into another world with the escape room. It feels like a computer game or a movie – but it’s real. To escape, everyone has to work together. Everyone is challenged: whether you’re smart, logical, creative, well organized or can lead a team. Every ability is important to get out of the room together. Up to 35 people can play in our adventure rooms at the same time. With a mobile exit game we can also come directly to your school. Call or write us, we plan the suitable event for you!

The special student rate is 23€ per person!

Our Indoor-Escape-Rooms

With our Escape Rooms your school trip will become an incomparable event. Seven different scenarios offer the right experience for everyone. For example, you can solve a murder, save a magical world, recover a lost treasure or break out of a prison, all in the middle of Duisburg’s city center.

Other special features:

  • Play with up to 35 people at the same time in our Escape Rooms.
  • Largest room holds 10 people at the same time
  • Battle mode to compete in two teams against each other
  • Central location for subsequent activities in the city center
Schulausflug in Duisburg


  • Possible start times: 9am, 10:30 am, 12pm or 1:30pm.
  • Other start times are possible by arrangement
  • Indoor playing time approx. 60 minutes, approx. 90 minutes duration of stay
  • Playing time outdoor approx. 135 minutes, approx. 160 minutes duration of stay
  • Especially for school classes we offer a reduced person price