2 Players 60 €, each additional player 20 €

Escape Game

The Ghostship

Retrieve the lost treasure

In your search for great adventures, you have come across an ancient tale that contains the legend of a long-forgotten ghost ship.

According to this tale, the ship will appear once every 100 years on the beach of the Bermuda Islands, covered in a dense veil of mist, to terrify all inhabitants.

Many hundreds of years ago, Christoph Columbus sailed across the Atlantic and discovered America with this ship in 1492 – the Santa Maria.

The ship contained all the incredible riches and treasures of South America, but on its last journey, the ship and the crew disappeared – they were never seen alive again.

Now you are standing on the coast of the Bermuda Islands, hoping to finally see the ghost ship as the horizon suddenly darkens and a cold, dense fog rises from the roaring waves…

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