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How to play Enigmania´s escape rooms?

1. Compose a group of up to 12 players.

2. Go to one of our mysterious rooms.

3. Look closely at your surroundings.

4. Find clues and combine them.

5. Now "only" find the right solution ...

6. ... and the mission will succeed!

Any questions?

Escape rooms of the newest generation!

The Final Escape Room Duisburg in the heart of the Ruhr area opens its doors to all adventurous people. Centrally located and only a few minutes walk from Duisburg’s main train station, we have found an attractive location very close to the traditional Duisburg Philharmonic Orchestra and the City Theatre, which offers us a wide range of the well-known, exciting Final Escape Games. A special focus at Final Escape Games in Duisburg is on entertainment and of course team play. The recipe for an unforgettable experience: A captivating background story, a real adventure and the joint cracking of completely different puzzles to escape the dangerous situation! The adventures in a Final Escape Room are all about brains, patience and the teamwork of the group to bring out the individual strengths of each player. But what exactly is a Final Escape Game and how does it work?

The process of an Escape Room Game

The game itself takes place in one room or in several small rooms, which are equipped and decorated according to the scenario. Such a scenario usually follows a certain theme. This theme can be based on a well-known story from film, television, computer games or literature on historical and mythological themes. Sometimes a scenario is also seasoned with local color of the locality or its history. The range is enormous and reaches up to completely independently thought out stories. Depending on which scenario is played, the equipment of a Final Escape Room, the objects to be searched for and the puzzle to be solved are oriented to this.

The task and goal underlying a Final Escape Game are always the same despite the various different scenarios. The group of participating players will be locked in the room. This is followed by a background story – usually told by the game master or on a monitor in the room – and explains the scenario in which the players find themselves, and gives the starting point for the entry into the puzzle. A time limit, usually 60 minutes, is also communicated to the round. The goal is – as the name Escape Game already says – to solve the puzzle within this time to escape from the room. Usually this means unlocking a locked door for the group. So it’s about finding the last decisive key or cracking the code that opens the door lock.

Escape Rooms in Germany

The Final Escape Games are becoming increasingly popular throughout Germany. In many larger and meanwhile also smaller cities there is the possibility to free oneself from a locked room by solving a puzzle. A Final Escape Game is usually played in small groups. The optimal group size in most cases is two to six people. The composition of the group depends on the participants themselves. Whether it should be the friends, the family or the work colleagues for a teambuilding measure, here the participants are completely free in their decision. There is usually no general age limit for Final Escape Games. However, a Final Escape Game is usually aimed at adults (16 years and older). Due to the enormous popularity of the Final Escape Room, adventures tailored to a younger audience have been offered more recently.

4 Escape Rooms are offered by Final Escape in Duisburg:

Prison Break
The classic: An exciting adventure around the seemingly impossible escape of a group of criminals from the most infamous high-security prison in the USA – Alcatraz!

The Ghostship
In search of a long forgotten ghost ship and its treasure, a scenario awaits the adventurers on the coast of the Bermuda Islands, which they will certainly tell their grandchildren.

The magic School
To protect the magical world from its downfall and ward off the dark forces, the students of the magic school must find a powerful artifact. The search leads the students to the library of the powerful sorcerer “Baltasar”, where they are under a protective spell for 60 minutes and must find the wand of Baltasar within this time to ensure the continued existence of the magical world

Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes is in trouble: A former client of the private detective, who after a quarrel with Holmes publicly expressed his dislike for him, is found dead in his house at 221b Baker Street and all evidence in this case speaks against Holmes. The often ashamed chief inspector of Scotland Yard now seizes the opportunity and arrests the private investigator immediately. In an hour he is to be tried and the last hope of rescue rests with a group of private detectives who are friends with him and who immediately start to solve this mysterious crime.


Decorators and set designers design our escape rooms with a lot of attention to detail. This way you’ll dive deep into the realistic scenarios

Fully integrated

As if by magic, a secret passage opens or a hint appears: all our escape rooms are fully automated and packed with stunning puzzles

Various levels
of difficulty

No matter if beginner or experienced escape gamer: with us, anyone will have their fun as we have escape rooms of various degrees of difficulty.

for safety

Our games are regularly being checked and maintained. That’s why all applications run smoothly