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A live escape game is like a high-level detective game. We start with a short introduction to your Duisburg escape room through your game master. You’ll leave mobile phones and other utilities behind – you won’t need them during the next hour. This is when your adventure begins. In groups of at least 2, better yet 4 or 5 (depending on the room) you will start exploring the lovingly designed escape room. Every detail could be a hint. Or a feint. Don’t let anything slip your attention. There are no coincidences in our professional exit rooms. 

Only if you work together will you be able to find the solution that will get you out. You don’t need any special expertise to master our escape game. Attentiveness, the logical combining of details and persistence will lead you to success. And in case you get stuck somewhere, your game master will be there to help you out with a clue. Because we want you to leave our live escape game with great satisfaction. It is our ambition to offer you the best adventure room in all of Duisburg!

1. Search & find

Composes a group of up to 12 players. Embark on one of our escape rooms and enjoy the detailed scenery. I look exactly, everywhere a clue could be hidden, which brings you closer to the goal.

2. Collect & Combine

You have to act as a team, everyone should use their skills. Have you found clues, combine them and find a way to solve the puzzle. Sometimes you need a team member to find a suitable counterpart.

3. The time is running

Against the clock, 60 minutes remain to solve the mystery and escape from the room. You can get support from our game directors in an emergency.
And now look for your adventures in Duisburg.


Here we have compiled the most frequently asked questions about the Live Escape Game enigmania.

There is no minimum age requirement to participate in our Escape Games. Even toddlers have fun when their parents are present. They may not solve any puzzles yet, but still enjoy the setting, the action and the enthusiasm of their parents.

However, in our experience, playing an Escape Room for children under 12 as a group does not make sense (children’s birthday parties, school classes or similar). Therefore, we have a requirement that at least one adult accompanies each child under 12 (example: 3 children under 12 would like to play together; then 3 adults would also have to join them in the Escape Room). For groups of children between the ages of 12 and 15, at least one accompanying adult must take part in the game. We ask for your understanding that we will refuse a game if these rules are not met, even on site.

It is possible to leave our rooms at any time at your own request. For security reasons, the entrance doors are not locked.

We are happy to welcome large groups. Currently, up to 35 people can play at the same time. Our offer is very popular for team events, Christmas parties, stag parties, school classes and company outings.

We will be happy to put together a suitable offer for you. Simply contact us by phone (0203-3699392​) or by e-mail (duisburg@enigmania.de).

This is a tricky question. When you book an experience with us, you reserve it for a specific day at a specific time. At that moment, this “slot” is blocked for everyone else and no one else can book it. We undertake to keep this date free for you and not to give it to anyone else, even if there is a high demand (especially on Fridays to Sundays and during school holidays). In return, you agree to keep this date.
This can be compared to a booked flight. There are a limited number of seats on a plane. Once these seats are all booked, no one else can take the flight. That’s why you usually have to pay for a flight in advance. If you are unable to fly or play with us, airlines and we are usually unable to rent a booked seat to someone else. Therefore, in case of late cancellation or no-show, cancellation fees will be charged in the amount of the original experience price. For private bookings, a cancellation or postponement is free of charge up to 3 days before the date.*

*Does not apply to bookings that fall within the period 11.11.-23.12.

Yes, we will be happy to take a photo of you with your smartphone. Just talk to us after the game.

Your question wasn’t there? Then just ask us: phone: 0203 – 369 93 925 E-Mail: duisburg@enigmania.de or direct:

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