3 Players 115 €, each additional player 23 €

The prices quoted may vary in the pre-Christmas period from Monday to Friday afternoon, at weekends or on public holidays and apply only for private bookings.

Attention: Prison Break # 1 and # 2 are the same game.
The two rooms can be booked individually or together – here then two teams can play in battle mode* against each other.

*from 7 persons or if the battlemode is desired, please also book the second room “Prison Break”.

Escape Game

Prison Break room 1

Breakout from a Stasi prison

The German Democratic Republic in the 1960s. Many people were arrested, some wrongfully. The desire for freedom was great. One man actually managed to escape from his cell. He wanted other innocents to escape from his cell. That’s why he left some hints about escape. Only those who are really innocent will understand the hints. Are you coming behind it?

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