JGA Stadtrallye in Duisburg
JGA Stadtrallye in Duisburg
Now the first missions from 17. April 2020 secure!

Non Escape Game

Your JGA-City rally

A special experience for a special day

What is a JGA city rally?
In principle, the JGA mission is a high-tech scavenger hunt on iPads, coupled with puzzles, sightseeing and JGAe adapted challenges (mainly for the bachelor). In the city centre we have distributed almost 60 tasks that can be solved. On average our groups play 2 – 3 hours (plus 20-30 minutes introduction & organisational matters) and create 20 to 25 tasks. Start and end is at enigmania, directly in the CityPalais.

The game principle
Played and navigated via an iPad. Only when you are in close proximity to a task, you can solve it (GPS-based puzzles). Such tasks may be photo, text, multiple choice or video tasks. With some tasks there is sightseeing input or the one or other anecdote, so that one gets to know Duisburg better in passing. Especially for JGAe the thematically matching “Challenges” are added. The results are transmitted to our server in real time and evaluated.

We are also happy to build in an individual task for you after consultation. You always have the possibility to skip a task and go to the next one. You play whatever you feel like.

Good to know:

  • No escape game
  • Customizations can be submitted up to 14 days before the event
  • Minimum number of participants of 6 persons
  • Playing time freely selectable until 22:00
  • Think of weatherproof clothing
  • We recommend a telephone consultation!

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