3 Players 105 €, each additional player 23 €

Escape Game

Passagier X

Take up pursuit!

The future has been a popular travel destination since 2037, time travel agencies fulfill almost every wish – apart from trips into the past. The consequences that could result from this are too unpredictable. Despite the highest security standards, a criminal passenger managed to hack a time travel agency’s booking system and illegally travel back in time. Destination: Today.

He has some well-coded clues in his luggage that should remind him of his dark plans despite the side effect of each time trip – a temporary memory loss of 2 hours. An agency employee was unable to stop the criminal time traveler, but at least stole his bag. By jumping in time, she manages to send the bag to you together with a message from the future that is looking for help.

Can you correctly decipher the clues in your pocket before Passenger X remembers his plans? Take up the chase and prevent a fatal encroachment on contemporary history – the future is in your hands.

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