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Escape Game

Sherlock Holmes

London – 1896

Even though private detectives and friends of Sherlock’s successfully proved his innocence when he was accused of killing a young woman a long time ago, Sherlock still fell in disgrace and the public has been avoiding him ever since.

Now a series of terrible events is shaking the 19th century London. Dreadfully murdered women are found in the most famous places of the city, each body terribly deformed and mutilated. The gaps between the murders shrink more and more with each victim.
It seems like the murderers are mocking the investigators, in a game where only one party knows how to play.
The only chance for Scotland Yard to convict the murderer is to work with the master detective Sherlock Holmes once again.
The responsible inspector asked you to talk to Sherlock in private to convince him of this cooperation as well as to apologize for the former incidents one more time.

So you are on your way to Sherlock’s home but when you arrive you find the door ajar. No one reacts to your knocking and shouting, the only sound coming from the house seems to be the dulled screaming of a woman. You enter the house and the door clunks shut behind you. After a brief moment of fear you are determined to find out where that scream came from that you just heard again and so your search begins…

One Team – one Mission – 60 minutes time

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