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Die Zeitmaschine

Your case. The Time Machine:
Trapped between time & space

Mr Möbius, a rich and fatally ill financial mogul noticed the invention off a time machine and tries to move heaven and hell to gain access. After the prototype is in his possession, he´s looking for a competent team that´s willing to travel back in time and find a cure for his illness within his childhood. Unfortunately this trip isn´t safe. Be aware of the butterfly effect.

Travel back in time as a part of Möbius´s team while using the time machine.
Hestitate to find a cure for Möbius´s illness before he dies.

Be brave, travel through time & space and face destiny.

With every step you make, be aware of the butterfly effect. You don´t want to set the world on fire, don´t you?

difficulty level

 Schwierigkeitsgrad Schwierigkeitsgrad Schwierigkeitsgrad 

Prove Team spirit, intelligence and intuition and together strengthen your teambuilding! Book your place in the mysterious time machine today. Want to join?

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