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Command bridge

The bridge is ready and ready!

This room is expressly not an escape room, but an impressive simulation that strengthens the team and communication in particular:

The year is 2166. Humanity has conquered space. But as always there are problems. The people put together a squadron of spaceships to provide peace and order.

You assume the role of a commando crew of one of these spaceships. Fresh off the Academy, you will be sent on your first official mission. Each of you assumes a specific function. You represent the captain, the weapons system officer, the technician, the navigator, the communicator, and the explorer. Share the roles that best suit your abilities and fulfill your mission.
But beware! You have to work together perfectly as a team, otherwise you will go down hopelessly. But even in the merciless sinking is a lot of fun inevitable!

Dates Monday to Friday from 17:00 clock and on weekends can already be booked online under Prices / Booking. Appointments Mondays to Fridays before 17:00 clock can currently be identified only by phone or by email: 0231-20659222 or

We recommend accepting the challenge with at least 4 people, since all 5 stations (the captain does not have his own station) must be occupied. The fewer participants, the more players would have to take over 2 stations. The maximum number of players is 6, as there are only 6 seats. Even if there is little text in the game, this is English, which is why basic English skills are needed.

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Prove team spirit, intelligence and intuition and strengthen your team together! Book Your Place on the Spaceship Command Post Today!

All games are also available from Mo-Fr. 9:00-14:00 via Mail or telephone:

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