• 1-6 players
  • 60min.
  • easy

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Non-Escape Game

Virtual Reality

We are an escape room center; This new room is not an escape room. Instead, you can experience a variety of experiences here, which are not possible in reality: exciting, action-heavy, inspiring or funny. You immerse yourself in other worlds, travel to fantasy locations, or enjoy watching others do it.

The possibilities of Virtual Reality (= “VR”) are fascinating, which is why we decided to offer our guests VR experience as one of the first providers in Germany at all. We are thus expanding our main offer “Escape Rooms” with a different kind of experience, which is also covered by the term immersion: the immersion in another world.

Our VR room has two HTC Vive glasses and four comfortable chairs for spectators. Currently, the range of experiences ranges from an impressive high-rise experience to the possibility of practicing archery or using a laser sword, a 3D painting program, an ego shooter (which can also be played in pairs), a 3D Space Invaders Matrix Blend, VR Portals, a well-known and popular bomb blast (“Keep talking and nobody explodes”) through to a classic single player escape game.

Dates Monday to Friday from 17:00 clock and on weekends can already be booked online under “Prices / Booking”. Appointments Mondays to Fridays before 17:00 clock can currently be identified only by phone or by email: 0231-20659222 or info@enigmania.de.

Online Booking

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