Outdoor-Escape Game

Das magische Portal

The Magic Portal

The Queen of Light is calling the inhabitants of the human world to gather significant crystals and defend their empire. However, the portal guards will not make it easy for you. The Realm of Light needs your support to secure all the crystals and defeat the darkness. May the light protect you!

Enigmania sends you on an exciting city rally with “The Magical Portal”. Experience as a family, friends, work colleagues your personal fairytale adventure and defeat the darkness at this outdoor escape game in Dortmund. This outdoor activity is played with iPads and other technical highlights and takes you through downtown Dortmund.

Are you facing the challenge and will you fulfill this very important mission?

Team members

3 or 7 players

Playing time up to

180 minutes

Minimum age*

14 years

Helpful skills

✓ Sense of direction

Special features

✓ Playtime reducible
✓ Outdoor game with iPad-controlled
✓ Playable in battle mode with up to 5 teams

Prices per person**

3 persons = 37 € | 4 persons = 31 € | 5 persons = 27 €
6 persons = 24 € | 7 persons = 22 €

*From 14 years with adult companion and from 16 years without adult companion.
**Prices are for large groups and / or Mondays to Fridays from 15.11. until 20.12. or on public holidays or be independent of the number of participants room flat rate.
We are open Mondays to Fridays from 09:00 to 14:00.
Please book by phone or e-mail for these times:

Online Booking

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